- about us -

Magic Pleasure, SK

is small home based breeding cattery of persian and exotic cats founded in April 2005 and registered by FIFe

At the moment we own four tomcats, three breeding queens, one show neuter and three pets, our darling Joker, Jasper-exotic boys and Samko - maxi persian of old standard. All our cats are living in best conditions, they do have high quality food at disposal, they are regularly vaccinated and veterinary checked. Our cats are healthy and happy, they enjoy access to every room our residence. Our cats are not caged! Our darlings do have open and cosy character, they are playful and cuddly and they mix very well together.
We spend all our free time with our cats and dedicate them all plenty of love and attention. Our grown up kitties are familiar and talkative family menbers that makes their new owners happy. You can see photos of our offspring in section Gallery and Kittens.

We try to find the best home for each of our kittens, to sell at any rate is not our intention.

Please, welcome in our cattery and enjoy your visit by us.

Greatest thank belongs to Mirka Litvanova for creating so fantastic websites!

we use "bea natur" cosmetics

Mrs. Huskova is and will be caring for comfort and sweet dreams of our darlings with her fabulous cat beds

You can find us in the Slovakia,Nitra.

- contact -

Simona Klegová
Zvolenská 7
949 11 Nitra, SK

[email protected]
[email protected] 

+421908605188   +421905775293