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 26. and 27. November 2011

 The break between shows stretched out for more than two months....But we enjoyed the two days on International cat show on home ground in Nitra so much more. Our cattery was represented very well,you can read more about it here.....

On sunday, 26. November 2011 represented us with following results these cats: 
SC Adwin Zhao Magic Pleasure*SK PER a 
- HP (honour price) and nomination for Best in Show - judged by Mrs. T. M. Beccari from Slovenia
GIC Business Boy Magic Pleasure*SK EXO a 03 - CACS , nomination for Best in Show and Best in Show cat.1in category adult male  - judged by Mrs. G. Laskowska-Malaga from Poland
Jasper Magic Pleasure EXO a 02 62 - V1, CAC - judged by Mrs. T. M. Beccari from Slovenia
L´Azrael Magic Pleasure*SK EXO d 22 - V1, nomination for Best in Show and Best in Show in category Kitten 6-10 months  - judged by Mrs. G. Laskowska-Malaga z Poľska
Limousine Lamborgina EXO f 22 - V1, nomination for Best in Show - judged by Mrs. K. Mahelková

At sunday 27. November 2011 was our cattery represented by:
SC Adwin Zhao Magic Pleasure*SK PER a  - HP (honour price ) and nomination for Best in Show - judged by Mrs.K. Mahleková, CZ
GIC Business Boy Magic Pleasure*SK EXO a 03 - CACS , nomination for Best in Show and Best in Show category 1.adult male  - judged by Mrs.  T. M. Beccari from Slovenia
CH Miró Malibu PER f - V1, CACIB
- judged by Mrs. V. R. Rešetič from Croatia - here broke our Malibu her winning chain, she did not won BIS for the first time, her competition was word winner 2011 cat in exactly the same color
Chéerie Magic Pleasure *SK PER a 03 - CAC, nomination for Best in Show -  judged by Mrs. K. Mahleková, CZ
L´Azrael Magic Pleasure*SK EXO d 22 - V1, nomination for Best in Show and Best in Show in category Kitten 6-10 months  - judged by Mrs. T. M. Beccari from Slovenia

Mr. Mambo Magic Pleasure PER e 03 - V1 and nomination for Best in Show in category Kitten 3-6 months  - judged by Mrs. K. Mahleková, CZ

We can proudly and satisfied point out, that our weekend was more than successful
and we congratulate heartily to all our darlings!

17. September 2011

We attended international cat show today, this time in Viničné once again. 

Business Boy (EXO a 03) was allocated to Mrs.  Mahelková, CZ for judging and she wrote him very nice judgemend, as traditionally, and gave him another CACS. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the nomination. Boyo was blamed only for his summerly "slender" waistline and pretty round and fluffy persian defeated him. We are despite it very happy and our Boyo is again one step further to the Supreme champion title :-)
Malibu PER f
  was allocated as well to Mrs. Mahelková, CZ for judging. She remebered our pretty lady from previous shows and it took not long time to write fantastic judgement for her.She highly appreciated her beautiful voluminous coat, great cobby body, miniature ears and expressive eyes in perfect colour..... Malibu gained her firt CACIB and Nomination for Best in Show. Lovely conclusion of warm autumn day was her victory in Best in Show, Malibu won with one vote again and we took home another beautiful cup :-)

My dear fluffy friends, huge congratulations again, we are very proud of you :-)

We should not forget our "adoptive" children L´Azrael Magic Pleasure*SK EXO d 22 and his little sister Limousine Lamborgina*SK EXO f 22, who are making us so happy too. L´Azrael  EXO d 22 was judged by Mrs. Mahelková, CZ :-) - it looks like Mrs.Mahelková was becoming slowly our private judge :-D His huge beautiful eyes and lovely round head, cobby body and wonderful coat color with ideal classic tabby pattern caused little sensation at judges circle. Even judges form another tables came to see him during judging :-) L´Azro, as familiary called, has got fantastic judgement, he was awarded with V1 and Nomination for Best in Show.

His sister Limousine Lamborgina EXO f 22 was judged by Mr. Eric Reijers, CZ . He was from the beginning charmed by her, he highly valued her eye color, her thick and nicely coloured coat and compact tabby body,...... Limu became besides great judgement also award V1 and Nomination for Best in Show.

Summary of the day - maximal satisfaction :-)


    4. September 2011
On 13.July 2011 gave our Walencija birth to two amazing kitties - aboy and a girl. The boy - cream bikolor became name Mr.Mambo and the girl, bluecream bicolor is called Melody :-) Proud daddy is our Adwin. Both babies have had fantastic birth weights - Mambo 135 g and Melody 133 g. They are both fantastic, have joyful and loving characters, they are full of life and love to be in human company. Both are simply wonderful, purring and talking all the time. Both are sleeping /how else/ in bed of their humans :-) Both will live fantastic life with so great new parents! Melody will live with her elder brother Krispy (PER e 03) and three brithish friends and Mambo will be for now an only child, but high probably not for too long :-)

You can see pictures of them in section OFFSPRING.


The show which we visited only with Malibu this time was held in Eibrechsdorf, Austria.

Malibu was judged by Mrs. Mahelkova CZ. As at the previous show, also this time Malibu was highly praised. Mrs. Mahelkova, as her colleagues before her, appreciated highly her beautiful cobby figure standing on short, strong legs, lovely round head with big and beautifully coloured eyes, and miniature, wonderfully set ears. She loved her gorgeous flowing and very nicely streaked coat and bushy short tail. 

She awarded Malibu her third CAC, thus making her CHAMPION! She also nominated her from all the competition to Best in Show. Thrilled and suspended we watched whether her success will continue there as well. We are happy to announce that our expectations have come true and Malibu fought her way to a beautiful cup and her win in the Best in Show contest! 

Malibu, our congratulations and we wish you many more such successes!


We spent hot Sunday in Bratislava with the same show team as in Viničné – Boyo and Malibu.

Boyo was judged by Mr. Ad de Bruijn from Netherlands. He did like Boyo a lot and wrote wonderful judgement where he appreciated good open expression, great huge head, small, well set ears and also his big eyes in great color. Boyo became his third CACS J and we are slowly approaching the title SC :-)

Mr. Ad de Bruijn judged also our Malibu. From the beginning we have heard just loads of Excellent by her evaluation :-) Her judgement is indeed astonishing – Mr. De Bruijn has highly appreciated her lovely cobby figure, wonderful head with perfect set small ears, amazing huge eyes in excellent color, gorgerous coat and dense tail...Malibu gathered her second CAC and Nomination for Best in Show. Success upon the day was not nearly finished yet.....We were shivering on a high when Malibu won BEST IN SHOW in open class with one vote! The next delight followed when she won also the best cat of the show in category 1 – persian and exotic cats – also with one vote, and she advanced to competition Best of Best. Malibu crowned her achievements of this day with BEST OF BEST 2 award and we took home desired cup :-)

Huge congratulations to both and we wish them furthest results like this!



We set out for the cat show after longer pause again. This time to Bratislava – Viničné.
Business Boy EXO a 03 ( Boyo ) and Malibu PER f competed for us.

Boyo was judged by Mrs. E. Steinhauser from Austria. She wrote very nice judgement of him and undelined his large nice head, huge and well coloured eyes, perfect placed little ears and...after that awarded him with his second CACS. He is one step closer to acquiring SC title again :-)

 Malibu was judged by Mr. Eric Reijers, CZ. He was amazed from the very first moment and his judgement is realy magnificent. He regarded highly her marvellous coat, lovely round head with large great coloured eyes and miniature, well set ears. He acknowledged also her great cobby figure and lovely hairy tail. Mr. Reijers gave her her first CAC, what makes Malibu oficially our breeding cat and he nominated her for Best in Show. Malibu finished start of her show career successfully with winning BEST IN SHOW!

We are very proud of Boyo and Malibu and congratulate to both of them heartily!


Chérie ( Mia ) PER a 03

After one year living in her new family had Chérie, alias Mia, like her new mum used to call her, to come back to us. It happened because her owner´s serious illness. Firstly we wellcomed Mia with intention to look for a new family for her. But as we have seen her after so long time, we immediately knew she would not leave us! She grew up into fabulous adult cat with fantastic head, beautifully domed forehead and big eyes in deep orange color and small, well set ears. She has very nice long hair and superb cobby stature on robust legs. Her character is just great - open, cuddly and very talkative, she is just so chatty as her mum :)

And now, when she became familiar with our other cats and feels here at home again, we are  patiently waiting for her to get into the show-condition and will become another breeding queen of our cattery.

1. 1. 2011

New Year begins very sad for uns :((
After long malicious illness - cancer - left us our eldest cat, our 15 year old moggie Murka. She was not a showcat, but she was part of our family for many long years and her leaving hit us badly.
Even if we have known her time was coming and the end is very close. Relief for us could be only the knowledge that she has lived good life by us,  we took care of her and she did never needed veterinarian, except regular immunisation and her last fatal disease.
Memories of her will never fade, we will remember her as our sweet, cuddly and dear kitty.
She gave all our love and attention multiple back.
Rest in piece in cat heaven Murka
27. and  28.11.2010
After ages we "activated" Adwin again and took him to the cat show on home ground here in Nitra. He was judged by Mr. A. Shchukin from Holland.
He appreciated his broad lovely head, big open eyes and tiny ears.  Even though Adwin has not been in top condition, he nominated him for Best in Show and gave him price of honour, as Adwin has already reached the highest title Supreme Champion. 
On sunday was Adwin judged by Mr. A.di Chio from Italy, who was pleased with Adwin from the past shows and once again he gave him excellent judgement, price of honour and Nomination for Best in Show.
We took to the show also our new persian tortoishell lady Miró Malibu.  She was judged by Mr. A. Shchukin from Holland on saturday. He was bewitched with her charm and appreciated for all her cobby body, beautiful eyes, teeny ears and lovely coat. He wrote superb judgement for her and nominated her for Best in Show. Our pleasure was even bigger when our darling Malibu fulfiled her first show with winning Best in Show and put first victory on her score.
On sunday was Malibu  judged by Mrs. K. Mahelková, ČR, who finished her judging wih words:"
What should I tell about her? She does have everything perfect." Wouln´t it make you happy?
Malibu became again great judgement and nomination for Best in Show which ended exactly like the day before and she won Best in show and put her second victory on the score :-)
the waiting is finnaly over and we welcome at our home new hopeful in form of black tortoishell persian girl
Miro Malibu from italian breeding cattery Miro.
Our big thanks belongs to great couple Maria and Mimmo!
Malibu is kittie with perfect nature - communicative, playful, cuddly,
purring all the time and aporting mice with great passion for hours :-).
She has perfect cobby body, wonderful big eyes, mini-sized and well-set ears on her lovely round head.
She´s got accustomized to new surroundings without any problems and was soon accepted by all our cats,
also without any problems. 
We  believe that she will bring just positive improvement to our breeding, and many adorable kitties.
After some time we sat out for show again, namely to Bratislava, but this time with Boyo and Gogo.
Boyo was judged by Mrs. Ivanková,SK, who wrote a very nice judgement for him and appreciated his beautiful eyes and big head ....
and he was awarded by his first CACS.
We are very pleased.
Gogo  was examinated by Mrs. E. Steinhauser, AT. She picked up his lovely big eyes and coat,
altought after small accident with honey, the fur was not in perfect condition, very nice head and cobby body.
Gogo became also wonderful judgement and also his second CACIB.
Even if we missed the nominations this time, we are with the show results satisfied and congratulate to our boys.
23.11. 2009

three wonderful kitties were born, all babyboys, Joker, Jasper and Jeremy - two blue harlequins and one blue persian.
Proud parents are Rianna and for the first time Boyo.
The delivery passed smoothly and without complications over, kittens are growing and putting weight on and they cause us difficulties by moving forwards
- they are completely everywhere  :-)  !!!
We are enjoying the offspring very much, because they are so sweet, lovely, playful and snuggling, that we use them instead of TV.
Already now we can see, that their temperament will be perfect - sweet little playful glues.
You can see pictures of them in the section Kittens.


One week after the show in B.B.  we sat out for the first time for Budapest, again with Adwin.
He was allocated to Mr. Kai Ruonalo, FI for judging. He has written excellent judgement for Adwin and nominated him for Best in Show.
All judges liked him very much and our Adwin won by unamious vote in category adult male, as well as in conparision with opposite sex
and he fulfiled his day with winning great cup as Best of Best 3!

Our warm congratulations Adwin and we wish you many so great achievements!!!



This time we atended a cat show with Adwin in Banská Bystrica.
He was judged by Mrs. Báliková,SK. The judgemend he became was wonderful, as usually
. She highy appreciated all his merits – beautiful big and well coloured eyes, small and right set eyes, lovely large head, perfect fur....Adwin has got the honor price.
By the selection for nomination the judge doesn´t hesitate nad nominated him for Best in Show.

Our congratulations!


This time we took part on the cat show in Bratislava, again with Adwin.
His judge was Mrs. Ivanková, SK. Adwin became excellent judgement. The judge highly appreciated his wonderful coat, beautiful big and perfect coloured eyes, lovely head shape and small, well set ears. Adwin has got HP- honor price, because he reached already everything he could, he is a Supreme Champion. In the selection for Nomination he was nominated for Best in Show without  hesitation. We lost the cup again only by one vote.

Despite it we are very proud of our handsome boy and we  are wishing him further on more success.


 A week after a show in Ostrava we went to a cat show in Austrian Mödling. This time only with Adwin.

  For judging he was added to Mr. Sagurski from Austria, who gave him an excellent judgement and nominated him for Best in Show. He unanimous won in the category adult male, as well as in coparison with opposite sex. Our Adwin finished his day with beautifull cup as Best of Best II  !



 After a longer break we headed to the cat show in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
was our show cat. His judge Mr. Eric Reijers, CZ wrote for him ,as usual, very lovely judgement. He awarded him with a honour price, because Adwin achieved already the SC title, and nominated him for Best in Show. Here the victory escaped Adwin only by a hair - he missed just one vote. But despite it we are satisfied and proud of Adwin.

 Boyo came to the show to pick up his last  CAGCIB and he obtained the title Grand Inter Champion. He was judged by Mr. A. d. Bruijn , NL, he gave him lovely judgement and he became as well the Nomination for Best in Show

We can once again observe the show was a success and we congratulate to our fluffies heartily!


On the first may sunday we lined out for the first time finally to Žilina.   Adwin was judged after some time by Mrs. p. Laura Burani (NO) again. Even thoug he left half of his fur in the bathtub by washing on Saturday, which was the ground why we missed a nomination, he has got very nice judgement. The judge highly appreciated his beautiful head and huge, great coloured eyes. Adwin has got his last CACS, and so he achieved the title  SUPREME CHAMPION!

Gogo was assigned to Mr. Yan Roca Folchom (FR), who gave him wonderful judgement as well and awarded him with his first  CACIB.

Congratulations to our handsome boys ☺ !!!


 The first Sunday of April, we visited the international cat show in Gyor, Hungary – on that day with our cats Adwin, Business Boy and Go-Go.

 Adwin – as well as the last time – was judged by Mr. A. d. Bruin from Netherlands.
He liked Adwin very much, especially his beautiful head, perfect eyes and the trimming of the coat.
Unfortunately, nowadays Adwin´s moulting and that was the reason why the nomination got another cat.
Though, the judge gave him great references and the 8th CACS, too. 

Mr. Lee Selassa from Netherlands judged our cat Business Boy.
He likes him very much, especially wide open expression of his beautiful eyes and super-wide head.
He gave him great references, too, and the 5th CAGCIB

Go - Go was judged by Mr. Eric Reijers from Czech Republic.
As usually, he appreciated beautiful big eyes of Go-Go and their right colour, beautiful long hair as well as his physique. Mr. Reijers gave Go-Go the 3rd CAC, whereby Go-Go satisfied conditions for the title of

 Congrats to our cats.


The last day of February, we have attended the International exhibition of cats in Bratislava
with our four cats Adwin, Boyo and Go-Gogo and young kitten Happy Harmony.

Adwin was assessed again Mr. Ad de Bruijn (NL) and was very pleased by him.
He wrote a wonderful evaluation report and gave him the seventh CACS.

Our exotic cat Boyo on Saturday was assessed Mrs. Kristiina Rautio (Finland).
she wrote a beautiful evaluation report and gave him the fourth CAGCIB.

Go-Go went to Mr. Alessandro di Chio (Italy). He was highly praised in particular by huge eyes, long beautiful and perfectly conditioned coat and beautiful short legs. He wrote a nice evaluation and gave him the V1 as well as his second CAC.

Fajny again competed in the Neuter class and considered it the same Mr. Alessandro di Chio (Italy).  From the first moment he very liked him and highly praised its perfect layout colors, beautiful eyes, beautifully arched brow and a beautiful coat. Wrote a wonderful evaluation to him, gave him a mark V1, the third CAP and nominated him to the Best in Show.
Fajny took this chance and won again the Cup as Best in Show Neuter male.

With her first exhibition in category kittens 3-6 months was attended our kitten, Happy Harmony (EXO a), which was assessed by Mr. Eric REIJERS (CZ). She showed him lovely face, beautiful eyes and super quality coat. He wrote her a very nice report and gave its stamp V1

Other awards we have met in the special competition “Best Cat Slovakia 2008”, where we have been very success full and won three cups.  

Adwin finished on a beautiful second place in the category of adult breeding male cats out of all breeds. 

Our breeding station “Magic Pleasure” was placed in a beautiful third place among all breeds. 

Adwin simultaneously received a special prize as the Best Slovak breed cat of all domestic cats that have been born and breaded within Slovakia.
Equally beautiful place and our other cat:  Boyo – 8th place of adult breeding cats of all breeds.
Fajny and Go-Go shared 8th and 9th place in the category of kittens of all breeds.
Again, it is noted that we have reached outstanding breading results in Year 2008. 

We thank our cats for all this results and shake they hands with congratulations J


This time we and our 3 cats took part on International Cat show in Bratislava.
Competition was there also, not in big quantity, but rather quality. 

Adwin was evaluated by Mrs. Staeinhauser (A), she liked him very much and as a result he received wonderful evaluation, together with Ex1 and CACS.

 Go-Go went to Mr. Mahelka (CZ) in open class. He liked him as well, mostly his large eyes, great fur and shaped body on small legs. He wrote him a nice evaluation, awarded with Ex1 ad first CAC title. On this exhibition, Go-Go became a „bread“cat.

 Fajny was competing in neuter class again and was evaluated by Mr. Šanda (CZ). From first moment he liked him and pointed out his prefect color, gorgeous eyes, tall forehead and excellent long fur. He wrote an excellent evaluation report, ended with EX1, second CAP and BIS nomination, where he finally reached the highest rank and won again the Cup as Best in Show Neuter male..


NEWS 2008